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MSA Courses – Free to Sheriffs’ Offices

  • Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing (new February 2019)

    (Under the MSA General Courses tab)

  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention (new October 2018)

  • Cultural Diversity and Multi-Cultural Communication in a Corrections Setting

  • Introduction to PREA; Eliminating Sexual Abuse in Jails

  • Report Writing

  • PSAP-General Radio Trainings:  History of ARMER, Radio 101 and Interoperability 101

  • DHS Courses:  Minnesota’s System for Protecting Vulnerable Adults or Minnesota’s Adult Protection System: Coordinating a Civil and Criminal Response (login or request guess access)  ~ Free

Why Leadership Development?  Read the article below co-authored by ICLD founder, Dr. Mitch Javidi.

Tips from ICLD Graduates:

  • “It’s not a race to see who finishes.  Don’t rush through it, ICLD is a journey.”
  • “Early on, I realized I needed a notebook to take notes for the quizzes!”

What They Are Saying

I am in my 41st year of law enforcement and I absolutely loved the layout of the courses, the material, especially bringing history, biblical references, ethics along with military and para-military styles into play—a great learning experience for ‘old dogs or young pups. ‘  I recommend ICLD to all! “
Carver County Commander and ICLD Graduate Paul Tschida
June 2018
“After completing the ICLD courses, it is clear that Leadership is not just a goal that is attained and held on to.  Rather it is a responsibility that requires constant effort, analysis, adjustment and improvement.
Renville County Sergeant and ICLD graduate Douglas Best
Spring 2018
“Overall, I took a lot away from this course. There were many evenings when I was with my wife and shared something interesting from one of the lessons, and sparked long discussions both work and family oriented. I appreciated how the course went deep into the mindset of leadership and the values that make up a good leader. I know that some of the material helped me be a better husband and father at home, and I know that translates back to the office. Work life is far more productive when all is well at home!” 
ICLD Graduate
May 2018

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